20-inch Truss Tube Dobsonian Aperture Telescope

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  • Largest Aperture telescope commercially available for sale in India.
  • Made in India product comparable with global brands.
  • 20″ or 508mm aperture
  • Smooth operations
  • Free Ladder included in the price.

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Telescope Design Truss Tube Collapsible Dobsonian
Materials used Stainless Steel, Water proof marine ply, Veneer, laminate
Finish Hard PU clear weatherproof paint
Primary Mirror :
Mirror maker Hubble Optics, Hong Kong
Mirror physical/optical diameter 518 mm / 508mm
Mirror edge thickness 58 mm
Mirror weight 17 kg
Mirror coating Aluminium + SiO2 Protective coating 92% reflectivity
Focal length / focal ratio 2032 mm, f/4
Mirror Cell 18 point flotation cell
Mirror cell material Stainless Steel (304 grade)
Secondary mirror size 100 mm minor axis
Upper Tube Assembly (UTA) Dia 595 mm, Height 340 mm, 5.7 kg, covered with light eater black foam
Lower Tube Assembly (LTA) Height. = 800 mm, Width = 750mm
Dobsonian Mounting
Weight of Rocker Box + Mirror Box 49 kg, weight to be lifted at wheelbarrow handle end – 9.5 kg
Wheelbarrow Length 1900mm
Eyepiece height at zenith 2400mm
Full height of telescope 2600mm
Truss Tube Length, Dia, Thickness, weight 1692mm, 32mm, 1.2mm, 5.8KG, All 8 tubes
Teflon Side bearing / Ground Board 32X32X15mm, 4 pieces/50X50X5mm 4 piece
Side bearing diameter 652mm
Rocker Box wall thickness 38mm
Wheel barrow Additional Thickness Add 180mm both sides, 360mm
Shroud Opaque two way stretchable Lycra
Supplied Accessories Telrad Finder,
Crayford Focuser for precise focus,
25mm Plössl Eyepiece (1.25″),
Alan key ‘T’ for collimation
Dust covers for primary and secondary mirrors
Ladder (Bathla)
Wheelbarrow Handles


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