Aksar ACL 200

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  • Specification:
  • Focal length 200mm
  • Specification Full frame
  • Lens construction Three groups of Sextuplet
  • Aperture blades 10 pieces
  • Minimum aperture 22
  • Closest focusing distance About 3m
  • Focus mode Manual focus
  • Focus type: Precise focusing & rough focus
  • Micro-motion distance 1mm
  • Filter diameter 82mm
  • Maximum diameter & length About 100x195mm
  • Weight 1.8Kg

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The world-first 200mm professional astrophotographic lens is designed with a similar appearance as an ordinary camera lens which features an integrated structure. It’s compact, light and easy to use.

Askar ACL200 is precisely designed to optimize the quality of sky imaging. This ingenious optical apparatus successfully gets rid of otherwise redundant optical accessories. You have no problem in operating ACL200 if you are familiar with ordinary cameras.

Askar ACL200 is an optical device especially for optimizing the quality of astrophotography, while it also caters to the needs of ground imaging. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to operate, an ideal combination of astrograph and camera lens. The optical outcome is to be dramatically improved as the distortion around the edge and achromatic aberration are greatly controlled. Askar ACL200 will bring you sharp and excellent celestial images together with a better experience of exploration.

Dual focal adjustment for astrophotography. Coarse and fine (1mm) adjustment make your focal adjustment more quick and convenient.

Built-in f/4 to f/22 adjustable aperture size enables Askar ACL200 an ingenuity also for ground imaging. Its focus distance is of 3 meters.

You will no longer worry about the vagueness of the images stemming from vignette or achromatic aberration. Askar ACL200 full frame astrophotographic lens with built-in flattener can help you solve comatic or other aberrations. Relatively fast f/4 focal ratio can effectively shorten exposure time and reduce the astrophotographic burden of the equatorial mount due to long-time tracking.

This lens is designed with triplet of six lenses, among which two pieces of ED ultra-low dispersion glass are added, making it better than ordinary lens in reducing chromatic aberration and have clearer image.

ACL 200mm F/4 Lens Features:

  1. This 200mm focal length professional camera lens for astrophotography is a world first, fears the appearance and structure of camera lens, integral design compact, light weight and easy to use.
  2. This lens is carefully designed to optimise the quality of image and create optimal performance, no need to attach complicated accessories, it is not have too big distinction in usage of normal camera.
  3. Excellent for chromatic aberration control, no need to worry that the chromatic halo in a photograph caused by normal camera lens and telescope.
  4. Full frame photography and flat-field correction supported, it effectively corrects for chromatic aberration and produces superb images.
  5. For astrophotography, F/4 is a fast focal ration, which can effectively shorten the exposure time and reduce the burden of tracking accuracy of equatorial instrument for a long time.
  6. For astrophotography, it adopts two focus mode: one is coarse adjustment (helical focuser), the other is 1mm micro adjustment, making the focus easily.
  7. For landscape photography, it is optical optimised designed features F/5-F/22 aperture, thus it can be used for astrophotography and landscape either simultaneously or overlap. The shortest focusing distance is 3 meter.


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