Anti-dew heater strip

1,280.00 excl. 18% GST

  • The anti-dew heater strip is used for anti-dew on the front window of the ASI cooled cameras.
  • This  kit includes the zip-tie, anti-dew heater strip , an Y power cord and two spacers:
  • The thickness of the anti-dew heater strip is 0.2~0.3mm.
  • The “Y” power cord is designed to connect in-line with the cooler power supply for convenience.
  • And we recommends 12V at 0.35A  DC adapter where the heating power on the strip is ~4.2 watts. You can use one and same power cord to power both the fan and heater simultanously, but make sure not to exceed recommended amount of Ampere.

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NOTE: heater strip is not necessary!

ASI071MC-P/ASI6200MC-P/ASI6200MM-P/ASI2600MC-P cameras come with anti-dew heater will heat protect window to avoid any dew problems.

For ASI183/ASI1600/ASI294/ASI533 cameras, The heat emitting of TEC will be conducted to the camera case and avoid any dew problems when TEC cooling system working.


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