ASI 6200MM Pro (mono)

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Camera technical details

  • Sensor: SONY IMX455 CMOS
  • Diagonal: 43.3mm
  • Resolution: 62 Mega Pixel 9576*6388
  • Pixel Size: 3.76μm
  • Bayer Pattern: None
  • Shutter:Rolling shutter
  • Exposure Range: 32μs-2000s
  • ROI: Supported
  • Read Noise: 1.5-3.5e
  • QE peak: over 80%
  • Full well: 50000e
  • ADC:16bit
  • DDRIII Buffer: 256MB
  • Non-volatile memory/On camera storage: Build-in total 192K byte user-accessible space(image size up to 480X320)
  • Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
  • Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
  • Adaptor: M42X0.75
  • Protect window: D60-AR Coating
  • Dimensions: 90mm Diameter
  • Weight: 700g
  • Back Focus Distance: 17.5mm
  • Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
  • Delta T: 35°C-35°C below ambient
  • Camera Power consumption: 650mA at 5V
  • Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 3A Max
  • Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
  • Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
  • Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%
  • Max FPS at full resolution:
  • 16Bit ADC
  • 9576Ч6388 3.19fps
  • 7680Ч4800 5.29fps
  • 6400Ч4096 7.44fps
  • 4096Ч2160 14.35fps
  • 3840Ч2160 14.35fps
  • 1920Ч1080 28.04fps
  • 1280Ч720 41.12fps
  • 640Ч480 59.67fps
  • 320Ч240 108.72fps
  • more resolutions are in software, support customize resolution.

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Amazing Craftsmanship, Lightweight body, Solid image quality

We have been working hard to reduce the weight of the camera while improving the performance of the camera. After years of technical accumulation and repeated weight loss experiments by ZWO engineers, ZWO finally concentrated the ASI6200 to 0.7KG

Full Frame format

The ASI6200MM Pro uses full frame format, the sensor length and width are 36mm * 24mm and the diagonal is 43.3mm. This is a 62MP camera with a small pixel size of 3.76um that can accommodate a large well depth of 51.4ke.


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