Light Pollution Imaging Filter, RASA 11

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  • Take beautiful images of deep-sky objects from light-polluted suburban locations with the RASA 11 (RASA 11) using this light pollution suppression filter
  • Custom designed to replace the RASA’s optical window, so you still get optimum optical performance even with the addition of the filter
  • Selectively blocks unwanted light pollution while providing over 90% transmission at critical wavelengths
  • Maintains a more neutral color balance than other light pollution imaging filters, perfect for imaging colorful nebulae and galaxies
  • Every filter is individually tested for light transmission. A graph of test results for your specific filter is included for your reference

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Glass thickness 2.1mm
Filter diameter 72mm
Clear aperture 68mm
Coatings Hard coated dielectric and multi-layer antireflection coatings
Filter glass Schott B270
Housing Andodized aluminum


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