Light Pollution Imaging Filter, RASA 8

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  • Enhance your 8” RASA (RASA) by blocking light pollution, improving image contrast, and darkening the sky background.
  • This filter selectively blocks wavelengths of light from sources of light pollution, such as streetlights, not broad regions of the spectrum.
  • Does not block wavelengths associated with emission nebulae, keeping your nebula images bright and detailed.
  • Fits into the 8” RASA’s integrated filter mount, maintaining peak optical performance.
  • Optically flat surfaces free of defects, constructed of Schott glass with anti-reflection coatings.

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Material Schott B270
Glass thickness 1.9mm
Filter diameter 46mm
Clear aperture 43mm
Coatings Dichroic, multi-layer anti-reflection
Housing Aluminum, black anodized


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