Aksar Losmandy-style Universal Dovetail Plate (color)

5,512.009,586.00 excl. 18% GST

The Askar Losmandy-style universal dovetail plate is made of lightweight aluminum ally and more resistant to scratches or collisions due to its anodized red finish. The dovetail plate is quite compatible with a wide array of telescope tube rings. The heavy-duty design makes the Askar Losmandy-style dovetail plate equipped with an extraordinary load capacity.

With more mounting slots predrilled on the plate, users can slightly adjust the spacing between tube rings, thus having much more possible mounting options. The mounting holes also meet quite more needs of offer much more potential connections.

And you may notice there are four half-threaded holes tapped close to the edge of width, two on each side respectively. When you put four screws from the bottom, the screws will prevent the dovetail plate from slipping away when placed on an EQ mount.

There are Askar LDP(Losmandy Dovetail Plate) 200 and Askar LDP 300, and the numbers of which indicate the lengths of the dovetail plate that come in millimeters.


200mm, 300mm, 400mm


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