ZWO Filter Drawer (M54)

  • The M54 Filter Drawer with 20mm ring design is independently developed by ZWO and specifically made to match with the full-frame cooled camera ZWO ASI6200MM/MC Pro.
  • The double strong magnets create stronger adsorption, easier installation and pulling out.
  • The M48*0.75 female thread can be used with the 2inch filters.
  • The M54*0.75 female thread can be used to connect with the telescope.
  • And the M54*0.75 male thread can be used to connect with the ASI6200 camera.
  • With the ability of double strong magnetic adsorption, it is more convenient and much easier to install or pull out the filter.
  • There is a lock screw on the side of the M54 filter Drawer. The locking function is helpful on adjusting the tension to eliminate the gap, which is a double insurance for users.
  • There also is a M54-M48-2 adapter coming with the M54 Filter Drawer so that you can use it with your camera or your telescope.

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M54 Drawer

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