Aksar FMA 135

24,750.00 excl. 18% GST

  • Aperture: 30mm
  • Focal length: 135mm
  • 135mm (plus the flattener)
  • Focal ratio: F4.5
  • F4.5 (plus the flattener)
  • Objective type: Air-spaced APO triplet (including an ED glass)
  • sextuplet refractor for APS imaging
  • Overall length: 113mm (photographic mode with flattener)
  • Weight: 280g (including front and rear cover)
  • 240g (when using it)
  • Rear-end adapter type: M42x0.75 thread (for imaging)
  • 1.25” visual adapter (for visual observation)
  • Package information: FMA135 (one set); tube ring (one piece); 1.25” visual adapter (one piece); screw (five pieces); manual (one piece)

Available on backorder

The very new beginning of year 2021 witnesses the advent of our FMA135 astrograph which has inherited the consistent quality,

compactness and versatility, from the FMA family while possesses incomparable speciality. 

As its name indicates, FMA135 was born with an objective lens plus a flattener.

The objective lens features an APO triplet structure with a diameter of 35mm and a focal length of 135mm, one of which is an ED glass.

The flattener contains three elements which is designed to support APS(advanced photo system) sky imaging and to control the performance at the edge of the photo. The exquisite optical design is the major contribution for its matchless ability in both visual observation and astrophotography as well as chromatic aberration control. Further, the FMA135 can also work as an excellent finder or guider. Its lightness and grace make it possible to attach the FMA135 to various cameras with corresponding adapters. Once attached, the FMA135 turns to be a 135mm manual lens, which will absolutely bring you an magnificent experience in ground object imaging.

There is 1.25″ female thread at the front of the astrograph suitable for all purchasable 1.25″ filters and standard M42×0.75 male thread at the back which accommodates most stock DSLR or astronomy cameras (an extra adapter is needed). Our standard configuration includes a tube ring for the installation of Vixen finder base, a 1.25″ visual back for the attachment of an eyepiece or a guiding camera as well as a high-quality focuser (with thread) and a setting thread to avoid any deviation in astrophotography.

As an ingenious optical design, our FMA135 will definitely offer you a super imaging experience.


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