Mobile Phone Camera Adapter

2,999.00 excl. 18% GST

  • 3-dimensional camera position adjustment to allow precise left/right & forwards/backwards positioning of camera lens for accurate alignment with scope’s eyepiece.
  • Can fit to various types of scopes as long as the scope’s eyepiece barrel outer diameter is from 25mm up to 60mm.
  • Vertical adjustment: 40mm.
  • Standard camera tripod socket screw with 1/4×20 threads.
  • Distance from camera connection point to the clamp: 125mm (this is the maximum distance between camera screw point to the front lens)
  • Length of the base rail (along which the camera screw can slide): 75mm
  • Strong structure and can maintain good camera stability
  • Tripod fitting point in case of need.
  • Reasonably heavy duty: there is no load limit as long as the camera can fit.


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