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Reducer Lens .7X – EDGEHD 1100

79,920.00 excl. 18% GST

  • The EdgeHD .7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 1100 one full F-Stop faster than f/10, reducing your exposure time by half to capture the same brightness of object
  • 5-element Lens design
  • Maintains similar flat-field performance as native EdgeHD optical design
  • Increases field of view by 43% to better capture wide field images
  • Threads directly onto the 3.25″ threads of the EdgeHD which reduces mechanical vignetting and allows for use with larger (full frame) sensors and Off-Axis Guiders
  • Maintains the identical back focus when used at f/10 and provides generous back focus to accommodate additional accessories and wide variety of cameras
  • Allows use of existing EdgeHD T-Adapters with or without the Reducer Lens

Available on backorder

Optical Coatings Fully multi-coated
Weight 3.25 lbs (1.47 kg)
Compression Factor .7x
Lens Elements 5-Element
Optimal Back Focus 146mm (5.75″)


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