SharpStar MARK III Mount Body

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Mark III is a lightweight and portable German equatorial mount with a delicate harmonic gear system. Despite its lightweight of 7.95kg, Mark III boasts outstanding payload capacity, quick dynamic response and accurate data-transmission and processing. It’s a great option for astro-observation or astrophotography, and a handy and functional helper along your journey to the universe exploration.


Weight of the main body (without counterweight and counterweight rod

7.65 KG

Weight of special carbon fibre tripod (with extension tube)

4.95 KG

Total weight (without counterweight and counterweight rod)

12.6 KG

Counterweight and counterweight bar:

A standard 5KG counterweight and a counterweight bar (304 stainless steel)

Dovetail saddle:

Standard 200mm losmandy & vixen style dovetail saddle


The diameter of the main body’s base is 160mm, the maximum height of the main body is 38cm, and the maximum width is 30cm

Dimension of tripod (including a one stage extension tube):

82 cm of height and 98 cm of width when expanded, 93 cm of height when retracted, the above data included the extension tube.

Level adjustment of tripod (with a high level bubble):

height adjustment within 2.5cm, with fine-tuning and locking system

Latitude adjustment range:

15-90 degree (90 degree is the motorised alt – azimuth mode)

North pointing horizontal azimuth adjustment range:

_+ 4 degree

Effective payload:

_< 22 KG (without counterweight; _<28 KG (with counterweight:; Note:: these are measured with the distance between telescope’s central axis and the mounting surface of the equatorial mount is less than 150mm

Reduction/gear ratio:

R.A. axis 1:1000; Dec. axis 1:1000

PE cycle error:

<_+ 20 degree

PE Cycle time:

7m 12s

Slew speed (GoTo Speed):

Maximum slew speed: 4 deg/s

default slew speed: 2 deg/s

Note: switch to default or slower slew speed when carrying a heavy or bulky telescope.

Guide Speed:

2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, 48x, 120x, 240x, 360x, 480x, 710x, 950x.

Harmonic reducer type:

20mm 1:100 precision stepping motor with automatic braking system (used in power – off situation)


42mm 1:10 precision stepping motor with automatic braking system (used in power – off situation)


24V stable power supply.

Operating current:


Standby current:


Data transmission:

Support wifi wireless connection and USB wired connection

Guiding Port:

Through USB connection

Hand controller:

CNC processing control box with built-in celestial database.


Mark III is perfectly compatible with ASCOM & INDI platforms, various commonly use astronomy software, mobile phone apps, ASIAIR, star atlas software, etc, the mount can be controlled Bia smartphones/laptops/laptops/tablets etc. though WiFi or USB connection.

Star alignment:

Supports up to 9-star alignment

Home sensor style:

Electrical Zero Position

Working temperature:

-25 degree C to 40 degree C

Polar alignment scope port:

Built-in electronic polar alignment scope port with quick-release system

PHD2 guiding test:

_+0.5 degree.


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