William Optics Gran Turismo 71mm ED APO Refractor

69,600.00 excl. 18% GST

  • William Optics 71 mm ED Refractor OTA
  • 2″ 2 speed, rotating rack and pinnion focuser
  • 2″, 1.25″ adapters with brass compression rings
  • Integrated mounting ring with L bracket
  • Retractable lens shade
  • Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover
  • Lens cap

The stunning new William Optics Gran Turismo 71 Apo is the new jewel of the apochromatic refractor world. The new GT71 features a 3-element objective using high-quality FPL-53 extra-low dispersion glass that reduces any secondary spectrum to an unbelievable degree.

Optically Unbeatable

Triplet air-spaced objective (FPL-53) in adjustable CNC machined ultra high precision lens cell.

Extremely sharp with excellent color correction.

Each lens is Fully Multi-Coated with a special super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all surfaces

This f/5.9 lens is ideal for astrophotography.

2.5″ R&P Focuser

  • Extra-smooth 360 deg. rotatable 2.5″ R&P focuser with 1:10 dual speed: a treat to use during astrophotography. No image shifting!
  • Comes with two locking screws on angled positions for heavy load applications.
  • Large aluminium knob with installed thermometer.

Patented Design

  • Stainless steel reinforcement inserts on both sides and on the back to allow heavy loading without problems.
  • Graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Simply Beautiful Finish

  • quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, gold trim finish, retractable dew shield, dew shield cap.
  • Top quality anodizing.
  • Very compact for carrying on flights.

Specification for ED Lenses

All William Optics refractor objectives are double tested and inspected by WO at their factory. These telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism. Since all individual lens surfaces are machine coated, sometimes you may notice minor visual imperfections which will not compromise the optical performance of the telescope. The dimensions of scratches and points shall not exceed the following values:

  • Scratches – Maximum Width: 0.025 mm
  • Scratches – Maximum Length: 1/4 of total lens diameter
  • Scratches – Maximum Quantity: Three
  • Dots or Spot Points – Maximum Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Dots or Spot Points – Maximum Quantity: Three
  • Accumulation of Defects – Limited Area: 0.8mm^2
  • Accumulation of Defects – Total Area: 5.8mm^2

Flattener – Not Included (2019 All New Adjustable Flat 6A III (T-mount not included))

This very elegant 2″ reducer/field flattener has been designed to optimize the flat-field imaging performance of William Optics F/6 to F7.5 ratio refactors. WO Flat 6AIII will provide good illumination and flat field across 97% of full frame sized sensors.


  • Reducing factor 0.8X.
  • Adjustable design, for perfect back focus it can be used with other models of refractor
  • 48mm filter ready
  • Superb Finish
  • William Optics polished anodized finish.
  • All internal surfaces threaded and blackened to prevent reflections.

Easy to Use

Will accept any standard 48mm wide T-ring for your camera. Not compatible with smaller 42mm T rings.

Deep Sky Imaging with the Gran Turismo 71 APO

If you are new to deep sky astrophotography but have dabbled in tracked night sky shots including the Milky Way – this is likely the best possible next step for you.

Ultra-Portable Telescope

It is often said, that the best telescope is the one you use most often. With a retracted length of 392mm and convenient mounting options, you’ll have no excuse not to deploy the GT71 for a night of deep-sky astrophotography on a moment’s notice.

Impressive Features

The built-in star-spikes Bahtinov mask makes focusing your DSLR camera through the telescope quick and easy. Simply point the telescope at a bright star, and position the central spike evenly between the “X”.

The telescope is held securely inside the mounting rings and can be adjusted back and forth to improve balance if necessary.

Technical Specifications



Focal Ration


Focal Length


Resolving power


Limiting Magnitude


Objective Type

3 elements Air-spaced with FLP53 glass

Lens Shade


R&P Focuser

2.5” 360° Rotating Camera-angle Adjuster, 1:10 fine focus 1.25″ Adapter

Type of mount

Includes mounting rings and Vixen style dovetail

Tube Diameter

82mmdew shield tube 92mm

Tube Length

(392 mm) Fully Retracted; (470 mm) Fully Extended

Tube Weight

2.95 kg

Recommended Flattener



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