ZWO New filter Drawer for Nikon lens

8,325.00 excl. 18% GST

  • New filter Drawer with a thickness of 29mm that can be used for carrying 2” filter and connecting ASI cooled cameras to Nikon Lens.
  • It is compatible with all ASI cooled cameras with 17.5mm back focus distance (except ASI GT series): 1600/294/183/071/533/2600/6200/2400
  • It can be used with all ZWO 2” filters, including the duo-band filter, narrowband filter, IR-cut filter, etc.
  • Filters are very easy and convenient to install and pull out with the ability of double strong magnetic adsorption.
  • Thread of the interface: M42*0.75.
  • You’ll need use a M54M-M42F adapter (0mm) to connect the filer drawer to the full-frame camera.

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