QHY5-III 178 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera

32,960.00 excl. 18% GST

  • ADC – 14 bit
  • Back Focus – 11 mm
  • Camera Connection – 1.25 inch
  • Color or Mono – Monochrome
  • Cooled – Uncooled
  • Dynamic Range – 12.7 Stops
  • Free Shipping – Yes
  • Full Rez Frame Rate – 50fps
  • Full Well – 15ke
  • Max Frame Rate – 190fps
  • Mega Pixels – 6.3 mp
  • Pixel Array – 3072 x 2048
  • Pixel Size – 2.4 microns
  • Read Noise – 2.4e
  • Sensor Diagonal – 8.9 mm
  • Sensor Type – CMOS
  • Sensor – Sony IMX178
  • Weight – 0.19 lbs

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The QHY5-III 178 MM CMOS is an accelerated and receptive astronomy camera and autoguider. A small pixel size of only 2.4 µm, a large field of view, and a high-resolution of 3072 x 2047 make it a prime planetary imaging andguide camera.

QHY5-111 178 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera Features

Astronomy Imaging

Capable of locating a high number of stars this camera is ideal for a wide field of view, autoguiding, and planetary imaging. The QHY5-III 178 has the anti-amp glow control function which can reduce the amplifier glow significantly, making this a great option for beginner deep-sky imaging.

StarVis BSI Image Sensor

With a sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1-degrees m^2, Sony’s trademarked StarVis BSI image sensor is truly optimized in magnitude.StarVis is back-illuminated, pixel technology is used in CMOS image sensors for high sensitivity applications.

Proven Design

A standard feature in the QHY5-III Series is its 1.25-inch eyepiece design. By creating a more efficient transfer of heat to the outer case, it enables lower noise, especially in high ambient temperatures. The 1.25-inch design also offers the shortest possible backfocus, making the camera ideal for off-axis guiding. Finally, the QHY5-III 178 uses the rugged and dependable LEMOS style of guiding port connectors.


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