SharpStar 140 PH

327,975.00 excl. 18% GST

  • Type:Sharpstar 140PH
  • Aperture size:140mm
  • Limiting visual magnitude:12.5
  • Focal ratio:f/6.5
  • Resolution:0.83 arc seconds
  • Objective lens:triplet air-spaced APO(including two ED glass)
  • Tube length:738.6mm(with the dew shield contracted)
  • Accessories:a pair of tube rings, a wide dovetail plate and a handle
  • Tube outer diameter:148mm
  • Net weight:10.1kg
  • Gross weight:11.7kg(including tube rings, dovetail plate and handle)

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Sharpstar 140PH, a large-aperture APO astrograph, the very first in Sharpstar APO-series, finally comes to the market. It features pioneering double ED glass and triplet air-spaced lens structure. The focal ratio is properly designed of f/6.5 and its focal length is 910mm.

Most stock triplet APO lenses are regularly equipped solely with an ED glass aiming to reduce the achromatic aberration, whereas two of the 140PH lens set are ED glass, considerably enhancing the aberration control performance, offering a solid foundation for advanced visual observation and astrophotograph.

Sharpstar 140PH is equipped with a retractable dew shield and is wrapped with quality aluminum ally cover. The dedicated 4″ large-size focuser allows both coarse and fine adjustment. Sharpstar 140PH also comes with a pair of streamline tube rings, a wide dovetail plate and a ergonomically-crafted handle. All the apparatus and accessories are packed and safely protected in an elegant aluminum chest.

The Sharpstar 140PH can be applied in many full-frame sky-imaging situations with the help of a full-frame flattener and reducer. The 3″ 0.73× reducer can effectively lower the original focal ratio to f/4.8, catering to many special astrophographic needs, such as shorter exposure time, larger field of view and advance image quality.


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