SharpStar 76EDPH

67,990.00 excl. 18% GST

  • Type: Sharstar 76EDPH
  • Effective aperture: 76mm
  • Limiting Magnitude: 11.2
  • Focal ration: F5.5
  • Resolution ration: 1.5 arc sec
  • Objective lens type: 3-piece fully separated APO (one of which is ultra low dispersion ED Glass)
  • Overall Length of the lens tube: 333.9mm (indented state)
  • Accessories: a piece special tube ring, a dovetail plate, a handle
  • Outer diameter of main mirror tube: 100mm
  • Net weight: 2.3 KG (excluding tube ring and dovetail plate)
  • Total weight: 2.9 KG (including dovetail plate and tube ring)

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Sharpstar 76EDPH is the second arrival to the Sharpstar EDPH family. It has caught the spotlight for its aesthetic and streamline appeal since its entry to the market. Sharpstar 76EDPH features triplet air-spaced lens structure, including an ED(extra-low dispersion) glass ensuring an pleasing application in both visual observation and astrophotograph. This can effectively eliminate the chromatic aberration thus produce more detailed and higher-contrast images.

The aperture size is 76mm, and the focal length is 418mm, so the focal ratio is f/5.5. The whole length of the main tube is only 332.9mm when used with the dew shield contracted. Its compactness makes it a great companion for your outdoor sky observation as it can be easily packed in the travelling bags and brought onto the planes.

The rigorous and precise optical and mechanical design is the warranty for the performance of Sharpstar 76EDPH. A dedicated 2.5″ f/4.5 full-frame reducer makes the ingenious device further ascend among the high-end, fast-focal-ratio astrographs.


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