William Optics Binocular Viewer for Telescopes

28,200.00 excl. 18% GST

Prism material BaK-4 FMC
IP Accomodation 54mm to 75mm
Clear Aperture 20.2mm
E.P. holders Helical focusing, compression rings
Dimensions 120mm x 112mm x 42mm
Optical Path 100mm (4″)
Weight approx. 520g (without eyepieces)

William Optics does it better and especially cheaper! Until today, you could choose only between high-end expensive binoviewers or monocular eyepiece observation.

Today you can enjoy the benefits of BaK4 quality binoviewers in your refractor, SCT or Newtonian scope with a convenient PACKAGE including:

-1.25” Binoviewer with anti-marring compression rings 

-2x William Optics 20 mm WA 66 deg. eyepieces included (available optionally too) 

-Barlow nosepiece (1.6x) for easier focusing with most telescopes! It can be mounted on other eyepieces too!

-Exclusive gift box.

Or go for the ROCK-BOTTOM price of the OTA version, if you already own a set of eyepieces!

The price is very inviting, but the experience of three dimensional two-eyed viewing is even better.

WO Fit & Finish

  • White powder painting.
  • Large chromed thumbscrews and anodized aluminum.
  • Very useful optional 2x Barlow/Correctors and extenders are available separately for telescopes with special back-focus issues.

BAK4 Prisms

  • High-quality BaK4 prisms with 20mm clear aperture for maximum brightness and contrast with any telescope. 
  • Fully Multi Coated. 
  • Anti-marring brass compression rings for your eyepieces. 
  • Individual eyepiece focus adjustment.


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